Christmas Kisses with My Cowboy by Diana Palmer; Marina Adair; Kate Pearce

Title:  Christmas Kisses with My Cowboy
Author: Diana Palmer; Marina Adair; Kate Pearce
Release Date:  29 Sep 2020

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This Christmas, the best kind of trouble comes in threes: Three bestselling authors. Three stories of holiday romance. And three cowboys who are ready for love—whether they know it yet or not . . .


If you are looking for the perfect book to enjoy a tender love story during the magical Christmas, then Christmas Kisses with My Cowboy by Diana Palmer; Marina Adair and Kate Pearce is more than the perfect choice for you. Three stories that masterfully capture the sweet anticipation of true love intertwined with the magic of Christmas. A storm of emotions, sweet and bitter situations, and a true fireworks of passion and love are a sure combination to keep your attention to the very end.

You are guaranteed to enjoy the fabulous Mistletoe Cowboy by Diana Palmer where two souls, marked by the loss of their loved ones, overwhelmed by the heavy burden of loneliness, slowly venture into the unknown, in the desire to find the other, the twin of their soul who will warm their souls in a gentle embrace, who will feed them with love, who will cherish them with all virtues and flaws. Little Teddy is the part of the story that will cocker you to tears, and you will enjoy in the moments filled  with childish innocence and ideals.

Blame it on the Mistletoe by Marina Adair will cheer you up and make you smile with its unique blend of humor and outwitting between the two characters Noah and Faith, who in a such an interesting way start the game of cat and mouse, fighting to accept and reject, fear to indulge and desire to not lose the chance. The gentle words of the powerful ranger  will spoil your senses, and the fighting spirit and sacrifice of his Christmas angel will make you see the world around you from a slightly different angle.

A gentle story for two souls who meet after a long time, Mistletoe Detour by Kate Pearce is guaranteed to relax and make you smile. You’ll just enjoy reading about Veronica Hernandez and Ted Baker, the secrets that threaten to separate them, and the trust that is slowly deepening between them. The piggy, called Bacon, has an important part in the whole story.

Definitely, the style in which all the stories are written, as well as the fact that  all are short novellas, contribute to fact that the  storyline is quite rapid and do not allow the reader to get bored.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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