London’s Most Elusive Earl (Midnight Secrets # 4) by Anabelle Bryant

Title:  London’s Most Elusive Earl
Author: Anabelle Bryant
Release Date:  13 Oct 2020

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“Your philandering ways need to come to an end. I’ll not have my heritage die by your foolish neglect.”

Sometimes all efforts are in vain, all obstacles are insufficient, all excuses are invalid, when there is a word for love. No matter how much they oppose it, it simply finds a way to subdue, to drive people crazy, to get them carried away in its whirlpool ….. and all obstacles fall, all excuses are lost somewhere in the whirlpool … And there are only those two people ..He and She…..

Anabelle Bryant tells about such a love in her latest work London’s Most Elusive Earl, a love that will make you dream, hope, love… As in her previous works London’s Wicked Affair, London’s Best Kept Secret and London’s Late Night Scandal, Anabelle Bryant will not disappoint in any way, instead she will delight you with a combination of interesting plot and tender, raw love. Maybe the main characters seem not suitable for each other, completely inappropriate … He, a powerful earl with a far-reaching reputation, hidden under his mask, she, a gentle debutante, smart, amusing and with sincere hopes.

Faced with mutual interest, Lord Jonathan Cromford, Earl of Lindsey and Lady Caroline Nicholson are characters that as you read, you are simply drawn into their thoughts, and you manage to live their fairy tale. With a connection so intense and undeniable, and passion that burns inside them, they are simply made for each other. No matter how much they deny, and fight against the feelings that neither want, nor understand, the two are simply dragged into the whirlpool of passion and love, which makes them surrender, believe, love …..

If you still enjoy traveling through time, for a moment to walk to some distant place in some distant time, and to enjoy the sounds of a passionate and dangerous love game, then you’ll be delighted with this newest addition to the Midnight Secrets series.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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