A Real Friend by Jennifer Wolfthal, Judi Abbot

Title:  A Real Friend
Author: Jennifer Wolfthal,Judi Abbot (Illustrations)

Release Date:  October 6th 2020

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Sometimes there are different rules in the world of children, that sometimes we as adults do not quite understand. Anyone who has children will surely confirm that every child almost always wants to be right, to be a winner andeverything else to be done the way only a child wants. Add another child, or more of them in the picture and that is when the fighting and crying begin. Even though children are more or less familiar with the concept of giving and taking, their desires always come first.  

That’s why A Real Friend by Jennifer Wolfthale is just a fantastic choice with which we can help children understand the essence of sharing, compromise and friendship. Through a series of interesting situations arranged through fantastic illustrations, A Real Friend takes the children in the world of two friends Max annoys Benny, best friends who cannot compromise, fight and alienate themselves, only to realize the true value of their friendship. The very concept on which the action is presented offers a great opportunity for children to understand what it means to be a friend, what we gain and what we lose with friendship.It provides more opportunities which you can use to discuss important aspects of friendship with your kid.

The story is easy to read, with appropriate language structures that fully correspond to the level of children. The beautiful illustrations, as well as the interesting content, are enough to interest the child.All in all, it is an excellent read for preschoolers as well as slightly older children.

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