The Highlander’s Gift (The Sutherland Legacy # 1) by Eliza Knight

Title: The Highlander’s Gift (The Sutherland Legacy # 1)
Author: Eliza Knight
Release Date:  27th 2018

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From the bestselling author of the Stolen Bride Series comes a brand new and exciting family saga! For fans of Scottish historical romance, the Sutherland Legacy propels you into the Highlands with tales of daring adventure, irresistible heroes and passion!

An injured warrior, and the headstrong lady who won’t let him fall…

I read it. Every sentence delighted me, I was overwhelmed by countless feelings. It made me think. А lot…..
A book that will simply make you think a little deeper, if some things have changed over time. Wartime. Pain from visible and invisible wounds. Accepting the shortcomings, the diversity.

Love as the driver of our lives, but also the consequences of war and survival at the same time. Loss as part of everyday life. Destruction and helplessness. Resentment. Eliza Knight simply masterfully weaves all these emotions into a wonderful story of love and loss, acceptance and rejection.
The very beginning of the book delighted me. Coming out of the shackles of acceptable behavior at the time, the two main characters, at an early age, as well as the supporting characters are portrayed in a simply masterful way.
 )JThe story that follows is really wonderful, a big catch of characters and romance that made me sigh from dreams and long for my own Highlandler.( my husband should not read that).

The daughter of a very powerful man, with the ability to choose whom she wants for a husband, but does not want anyone. Raised to be strong and her own in every way, but in the end still pressured by her parents. The main heroine is a reflection of strength and courage, too aware of her abilities and possibilities, as well as her disabilities, marked by the beliefs of the time – a woman who is reduced to the womb of giving birth to children, a woman who is not complete. The secret that crushes her shoulders forces her to choose him, her old chavalier, the one who will not leave her in the lurch. But is that the only reason she chooses him?
Strong, consistent, but humorously naive at the same time, Bella is a character that is easy to remember. The passion that awakens in her, and the opportunity to discover that world of carnal love and lust is one of the most interesting parts of the book,

Bella’s misunderstanding of Neil’s marital abilities is absolutely hilarious. Her naivety about the physical relations between a man and a woman is absolutely irresistible. Her path through which she will reach the truth simply attracts every reader.
Her courage, dedication and love are worthy of respect.
What is really consistent throughout the story is her belief in his abilities, as a warrior, as a husband, as a partner. A man worthy of everyone’s love.

And he? Once powerful and brave to infinity, a man worthy of the king’s daughter’s hand, now utterly destroyed and worthless, wrapped in the dark shackles of only self-pity and suicide. Betrothed to the king’s daughter, only to be ridiculed and rejected. An injured man, worthless in his own eyes, crippled in more than one way. How to live when the meaning is lost, the desires are extinguished? A man who goes through hell himself, a struggle to accept his new self and survive, a struggle in which his family plays a huge role. And it does not happen in an instant, but is perfectly woven throughout the book, as a process that lasts.
Once again brave and worthy, a real warrior in every sense, Neil is a character who simply attracts you. The hard struggle to succeed and overcome all obstacles, to get to know the new self and to accept it is simply too powerful to ignore. Despite all the difficulties in his own life, does he stand in line for her? Is that really the incentive he needs?

Is that childish obsession much more? Can any obstacle be overcome when desired?
He is the answer to all her prayers. She is the cure he needs. But is it enough?
Is love enough? Will love succeed in spite of everything and will exceed their expectations from that in-name only marriage?
Read this story and you will not regret it.
The story of pain and joy with which this talented author manages to shake us with every written word. A book you will definitely not be able to leave until you read it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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