English Miss: A classic Parisian romantic adventure (Lewis Cox Classic Romances)

Title: English Miss: A classic Parisian romantic adventure (Lewis Cox Classic Romances)
Author: Lewis Cox
Release Date: August 23rd 2020

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A sweeping love story set in 1950s Paris! Perfect for fans of Dilly Court, Maeve Binchy, JoJo Moyes and Barbara Pym.

Has Julie met the man of her dreams?

The book is written in a superb style, so easy to read, full of tenderness and love, and at the same time obscured by intrigue and hidden agendas. And with so many details that as you read, the images come to life before your eyes, like watching a movie. It simply left me without sleep. I couldn’t leave the book until I read the last sentences beautifully blended together of this amazing novel.

The author will take you on a beautiful and detailed trip through Paris, where every well-integrated description and detail of the city will make you want to visit it. The glamour of romantic Paris in the last century, the ticket behind the scenes of the show, in the lives of the French aristocracy, where there are completely different rules. What is allowed and what is not? Can love be bought? What is the real choice – love or the powerful family rules, which determine in advance who you should love? What will prevail – old beliefs or the power of modern times? What if a common path can be found?

Strong, independent and absolutely beautiful, young Julie is only the last piece in the puzzle, a pawn in the game of her rich and powerful family – once unacceptable, and now the granddaughter worthy to be the bright spot on the Paris aristocratic scene. Wrapped in a fog of luxury and wealth, she meets Charles, the most wanted bachelor, a true representative of the French aristocracy, and here begins the game of cat and mouse, full of passions and misunderstood truths. The bittersweet taste of the true affection. Lots of meetings, lots of magical moments, lots of love … but is that enough? What does it really mean to love? What is the price to be paid for a few moments of endless happiness? And how to say goodbye, while with the hand you try to save the imprint of heat …. and fingers … who offer you the world in the palm of your hand? To change the world, they may not have the power, but can Julie and Charles find the will to change themselves?

Definitely the book is simply inspiring, the characters built in every way, the scenery so detailed. And no, you will not understand the story if you read it quickly, if you read it with passion, it will definitely pamper all your senses.

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