The Vicar’s Daughter: a young woman encounters misogyny, smugglers, a ghost cat, & an earl by Blair Bancroft

The stories of independent women who lived in distant times, times in which their behavior and nature was not only not accepted, but also condemned at every turn, are more and more present on bookshelves and in bookstores. The Vicar’s Daughter by Blair Bancroft is one such story, but is it just one of many? While I read it, I simply enjoyed it, in every perfectly composed sentence, in every word that vividly determines the time in which the characters lived, as well as the heroine’s struggle to succeed.

As a once brave and determined girl, Prudence, after the death of her father, must adapt and adjust in order to be able to live her life as he wants. Her most powerful weapon is her mind and resourcefulness. Real threat against men then. Self-determination, reflection and education of a strong women was not something that was easily accepted at that time.

Her position as a woman in that male world is not at all easy, faced with so many challenges, even heresy and witchcraft, she still manages to fight for what she believes.

No matter how many friends she has, her enemies are still a constant part of her life. And what about Trenholm? Interested and indifferent at the same time, like flame and ice, what is hidden in his story?

Yes, this book is definitely unique among many of its kind. Blair Bancroft’s pen masterfully leads us through ups and downs,twists and turns, spiced with enough enthusiasm to keep our attention until the very end.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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