Rescued by a Highlander by Susan Payne

A story, a life, a young woman ….. a woman in a male world, how to fight when the weapons were taken away before the battle started? How to obtain what she wants when she is imprisoned in a dead end, with no choices remaining? How to love when someone else decides who she should love  and how to live?

Brave, determined, strong ….. she pushes the boundaries of everything, of her being in order to be able to save her father, she puts her own life at stake for the salvation of the parent, the parent who without even asking her, hands her over to the hands of the man who can solve all their problems. The man who makes her his in the eyes of everyone, without even thinking what she wants, what she desires. And how can she love? How to indulge? Is he her executioner or her savior, her hero? A handsome, brave, and powerful enough to give her the much-needed protection, but is that enough? He leads her into the waters of belonging and passion, the taste of bodily love, but is that enough to accept his rules?

If you love the stories about the mighty Highlanders, this is definitely one that will manage to interest and intrigue you. However, what I definitely missed was the very idea and description of ​​the Highlander, without bare chests, tartans and kilts, without the power and tenderness to protect his own, this story simply failed to grasp the magic of the stories about Highlands.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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