The Mermaid Counting Book by Suzanne Diederen

Every time I choose a book for children to review, and I read together with my daughter, I try to catch the real reaction to the book from the auditorium for which it is intended –  the children.
cover201842-mediumThe Mermaid Counting Book by Suzanne Diederen is a great choice for five year old girls. The cover itself and the main character Uri were more than enough to interest my daughter. Although it looks like many counting books for children, which we can find in stores, the book offers a lot of opportunities to interact with the child.
As we turned the pages, and looked at the pictures, we discussed and repeated them for the numbers. Not only the numbers, this book offers an excellent basis to look at all the inhabitants of the sea world, to repeat the words they already know , but also to learn new ones. I was especially thrilled by the added questions that encourage the child to think and answer, to repeat and to express their own thoughts.
The style of writing itself, as well as the lexical units used, correspond entirely to the age of the children for whom this book is intended, and the illustrations are more than enough to keep the child’s attention, which in itself is a sufficient fact.

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