Robert and the World’s Best Cake by Anne-Catherine Behl

When I opened the book for the first time and quickly flicked through it, it never crossed my mind that in the evening I would spend hours reading it with my daughter. Robert and the World’s Best Cake from
Anne-Catherine Behl, like any other children’s book, didn’t seem particularly appealing to me, perhaps a little more absurd than the others.

cover201817-mediumBut as we began to leaf through the pages with my daughter, realizing how much more we managed to find the meaning in the seemingly meaningless. As a great didactic tool, the book contains many hidden topics that you can discover with your children.

For example, the very fact that Robert is painted only with his father is a sufficient basis for introducing the child into the structure of one family, a family with two parents, or only with single-parent, mom or dad. Considering the fact that Robert is home with his dad, making a cake allow us to talk about the tasks for each member of the family. As long as the mother was the one who took care of the children and the cooking, This book provides an excellent basis for encouraging equality between mother and father in regard of their intended house chores, an act which unfortunately does not exist in all countries in the world.
The addition of pets as part of the family is also a nice feat. The very fact that the dog also receives an invitation indicates that it is not just another toy, but a real member of the family.

Sometimes children are afraid to accept diversity. This book offers a great springboard so that you can discuss the fact that all people are different and unique, while watching their friends come for the cake, you can see the physical differences between them, make correlations with the real world of what we live. All different, but still similar in certain respects – they all want to taste the cake, and gathered under one roof. The mere addition of the policewoman is quite effective, as it gives the police officers the opportunity to discuss, as friends of the children, and not someone to be afraid of.

Definitely, after a few hours of looking at the book with my baby, this book exceeded all my expectations. The illustrations were exciting, and the language was appropriate for children.
Great job.

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