Pledged to a Highlander (Highland Promise Trilogy #1) by Donna Fletcher

Several times I tried to find the right words to express the feeling that this book caused me … a book about a wonderful, broken love …. which finds the strength to survive in that world of intrigue and cruelty ….
Donna Fletcher masterfully draws you into this magical world, intertwined with love, pain, betrayal, lust …. when you start you just can not stop until the last word, and you want more ….
52338043The pain, sorrow, loss, and terror that entered the blackest vortex at the bottom, which they feared, did not escape.
The once lovely boy you met in the previous episode is anything but what he was …. Captured as he tries to defend his home and beloved, crippled in battle to save his life, crippled in his heart and emotions, Ryden is a character who simply dominates and exceeds all the expectations of the reader.
Oria, on the other hand, is also not the character we met in the first part. The cruelty she faces in the time of separation, makes her strengthen, to fight for her life and to preserve at least what little is left.
Both as wounded animals try to heal their wounds, and continue to find their piece of land under this sun, to put together the pieces of their former life and happiness. But will they succeed?
The attraction as well as the lust between them is so tangible and obvious, but what really delighted me is the attachment and the sincere emotions that flow between them … They simply completely belong to each other.

Donna Fletcher is а real master in writing a heart-wrenching story, adding a vicious negative obsession straight from hell.
She and her magical talent for this kind of story are to blame for not being able to leave the book. The details in her descriptions of scenery, homes and characters will attract you so strongly that you will surely find yourself in that magical world and you will feel on your skin all the vicissitudes that the characters go through. The reader can easily imagine the scenery and from the very beginning enjoy the experience of turning each page with the plot. There are a few twists that definitely will surprise each reader, which makes the story much better, with a bit of mystery, which makes the reader live the story itself.

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