Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

The idea, as well as the setting of the book itself, is absolutely unique and interesting. The book itself is full of potential, while the path that follows simply manages to interest you and motivate you to continue reading. There are several instances where the flow of the book goes on a thin line, but it still manages to be presented in sufficient quantity so as not to bother the reader.

43641._SY475_We get to know the characters through the voices of the young man who has lost everything in one moment of bad fortune and the old man in a nursing home, completely intertwined, which contributes to the unique style with which this book abounds.

The very beginning of the book is masterful and fully corresponds to the period of the events _The Depression and Prohibition America – a historical era of uncertainty and chaos. A prosperous future veterinarian, on the threshold of his success, loses the ground under his feet, with the accident where he loses his parents, scared, alone and without money, he fails to reach the final exams and his only way out is the circus. What happens after the lights go out? Is there glamour behind the scenes of the circus?
There she meets Marlena, a handsome horse trainer whose husband August has a relentless temperament. And we watch how a tender, new love begins to develop. What is particularly appealing is that the book focuses more on the characters rather than the romance itself.
And while we read the sex scenes, there is no feeling of too much or inadequacy. move the plot and create human experiences and reactions, which is what makes the book worth reading.
Finally, we manage to experience the book from two perspectives: youth and old age are closely connected with each other.

Yes, this book is definitely a great choice for all those who want to read a work that abounds in a whole range of emotions, beautifully written and completely inspiring, “Water for Elephants” is a wonderful world, where the past and the present are combined, facts and fiction intertwine, providing the most memorable and enjoyable hours with a book.

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