D*mn Near Perfect (Cougars & Cubs #1) by Nancy Fraser

Extremely short and interesting story that is read in one breath. The love affair that begins between the sheets, as a small erotic symphony is not a novelty in literature, but it must be noted that this short book is presented in a very exciting way, actions that change quickly and do not allow the reader to get bored. As expected from the cover and the title itself, the book will not disappoint you in terms of sexy scenes, which are perceived so realistically that they manage to excite every reader. The development of emotional feelings and attachment between the two main characters is only subtly suggestive and is not accentuated at all until almost the very end, something which I actually missed.

55138460._SY475_Beth, a successful executive, sexy woman in the best years of her life, finds herself stuck in a rut after a divorce, very emotionally and sexually frustrated. The marathon erotic encounters of her neighbor, Johnatan do not help her at least a little to make her everyday life easier, nor are the nights filled with sexy sounds of lust and satisfaction that can be heard from his apartment. The ways she tries to solve her sexual frustration are actually hilarious.

Slightly expected to happen, but very interesting at the same time, the sexy neighbor appears on her doorstep with a bottle of wine in her hands. It doesn’t take much for them to start getting to know each other intimately and physically. A real fireworks happen during their first sex encounter.

After a few days, hot, passionate sex, they appear to ignore each other, only to be even more passionate during his art exhibition. A problem, a misunderstanding happens somewhere in the middle, as it is expected, but nothing that cannot be solved when it is really wanted and desired.

Their chemistry is dynamic and simply overwhelming, and with that, and the language in which their intimate moments are perceived is strong enough for you to be able to feel them yourself.

This is an intoxicating novel. Passion, flirting and love are perfectly combined to create an exciting, fast reading.

The publisher provided ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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