The Takeover (The Miles High Club #2) by T.L. Swan

Have you ever been thirsty to read but choose a book that instead of quenching your thirst, it makes you even more thirsty and you become even more thirsty for books? This is exactly what happened to me with the book “The Takeover” by TL Swan. I was a little skeptical before I started reading it because I am used to another style but when I started reading it I could not leave it. I stayed until 3 o’clock in the morning to devour it. A wonderful book with a very interesting and deep theme, and at the same time very easy to read. I felt like I was watching a movie. itself, and the writing style is simply perfect and perfectly suited to the concept of the book.

52276459._SX318_SY475_Luxurious and rich style with dazzling moments and descriptions, a palette of colorful characters and many events that disturb and instill negative feelings in the reader, and at the same time with so much warmth and gentle descriptions to warm your heart and you can not give it up until you finish it.

She, too strong to surrender, and yet too weak to fight and move on. Widow, mother, CEO, friend, woman … many roles for a single woman. Alone in front of everyone, she draws the last atoms of energy to cope with the difficulties that each new day brings. And it does not matter at all how much we want to condemn her, yet we simply have to accept her struggle, a struggle to continue and gather all the pieces that are left after her whole world has disintegrated into a moment of utter nonsense. Once she believed and surrendered with all her heart, only to lose everything. How to indulge again? How to believe? Torn between the past and the present, exhausted from everyday life, from the struggle, and yet strong enough and brave enough to surrender and raise the white flag under the pressure of his attack. And he, Tristan, exceeds all expectations of a hero of my reading spirit. Handsome, successful, shaped character who knows how to recognize to recognize the signs, which speak much louder than words. Courageous enough to face the challenges and stand on the line to get what he wants. Wise enough to accept and outwit her “enemies” – her children Fletch, Wizz and Tricky – and turn the game in their favor. Man enough to accept and love the perfection of an imperfect body, with all the hallmarks of motherhood. Too generous to be able to open her heart, accept the beloved with all her children – 1+ 3 hearts – the whole package.
And when they are together, fireworks simply shine on all sides, an unbearable passion that burns them to the last sigh, an understanding that warms the heart, a humor that makes you laugh to tears. But can one heart endlessly love twice? Should you allow someone else to take the place of the one who once was your everything?

Very warm and dynamic work, honestly, I did not expect so much, although it was very commendable.
This book is absolutely full of moments of endless affection and passion, interwoven with too many funny moments that make it simply irresistible to read. In a masterful way the pain of loss and extension is emphasized. I think this book can not disappoint any reader no matter what books he wants. Now I continue with the other books. . .

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