Fight with Me (With Me in Seattle #2) by Kristen Proby

There was a perfect woman and a perfect man, who started a relationship with perfect sex and emotions and lived completely perfectly for the rest of their lives. Everything is so damn perfect, that it is simply inconsistent, and somehow fails to satisfy my reading passion. The title itself promised so much, I was expecting fireworks of emotions, which I simply did not experience.

16090636._SY475_The excessive perfection of the characters does not allow you to empathize with them and understand them. And if you do not understand the characters, you will not understand the story, right?

Juliette is just damn perfect, a million-dollar body, sculpted in every way, face features worth killing, a perfect lover and amazing worker.

Nate, a former MMA fighter, with a body carved to perfection, rich, powerful and infinitely in love with her. He simply begs her at every turn and showers her with attention, love and extremely expensive gifts. Is there such a thing?

Their relationship simply follows a perfect sequence, and the sex is simply amazing. With orgasms that shake the body and fill the soul. Madness, passion, love … to the maximum. Lastly, perfect proposal and they lived perfectly happily ever after.

So perfect, and yet so many inconsistencies run through the book, so much that cannot be unnoticed, such as: What about Nate’s possessive obsessive need to protect her, like a medieval knight? Crazy reactions when she wakes up and she is not next to him? Unhealthy jealousy because of her past …. Somehow his character and his story is incomplete, it seems like the pages of the book are missing.

On the other hand, are we talking about the fear of losing a job due to a relationship with a colleague, by a girl who posed for Playboy 3 times? And what about the constant crying by a girl who claims she doesn’t cry often?

Also the constant expressions during sex …. uh, you are so tight …. inside me …

Simply put, this book is not my cup of tea.

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