The Hunter (Boston Belles #1) by L.J. Shen

Maybe it will be perfect for someone younger than me, or with slightly different taste, maybe it’s just me …. but after reading all the positive reviews, my expectations reached a very high level, and the book unfortunately failed to live up to my expectations.

53345360._SY475_Not that the book is completely bad and not worth reading, it must be noted that there are many interesting moments, filled with unique energy, humor and emotions intertwined in a thread of need to be loved and accepted.

Hunter, a character who simply can not be summed up in several lines. Its character is layered, each layer different from the previous one. Handsome as sin, fun, with the power to make even the most honest girls sin, and yet not so understood and not accepted by society, and mostly by his own family. An outsider…He is trying to deal with his demons in his own unique way, and his only sin is that this is happening under the watchful eye of the public. A fact that leads to his interesting punishment …. which brings them together, two hearts, two souls …. each with its own secrets, pains and hopes … sentenced to months of living together …. under the same roof.

Sailor, strong, reliable,nice, … lives somewhere on the margins of something called life. Dedicated to a single goal, which she needs to survive her days. But should she only survives or really learn to live? Brave and unique, consistent with her feelings and commitment to loved ones and their responsibilities.

The sinner and the saint …. together in one space, against each other ….. let the games begin, spiced with enough passion, sex and emotions to satisfy everyone’s taste. An interesting story, which contains all the elements to keep your attention.

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