Paradise (Second Opportunities #1) by Judith McNaught

When I first found this novel, I was hesitant to read it, somehow it seemed too long, I thought a long novel would not be able to hold my attention.
But I read it. And I enjoyed every single moment, perfectly fitted into that wonderful story, the birth of a tender love, laden with hesitation, with intrigue. Passion that burns you to the last breath and sigh. Status in society against sincere kisses, money against hugs, power against gentle whispers fused with the music of love. What is the right path?
“Paradise” masterfully leads through the vicissitudes of a sweet love, to two hearts fused into one, and yet separated, refined and in a sufficient quantity so as not to bore the reader, and also to convey a really beautiful and interesting part that each of he has felt us on his skin at least once.
16006Love, passion, power and status … and all that is perfectly intertwined, with incredible tenderness and passion to warm your heart and you cannot give it up until you finish it. To have it and then to lose it , to give and then to take away ….. a game of domination and belonging, that can overburden even the strongest love.
We meet her at the very beginning, strong and weak at the same time, Meredith, a girl completely placed under the protective shield of her father, a girl separated from everything that should be the happiest life. Living in the realms of the world her father tries to create, she is just an outsider, nt accepted by anyone. She grows, it changes, but it still remains a timid child pressed under the father’s thumb who does not allow her to spread its wings. A lamb between wolves….
We also met him, badass to the bone, a man who makes his own life, and fights with everything he has to succeed and reach his goal. Faithful to his beliefs, confident in himself, burned by the injustices that life brings, but does not succumb…… And proud, incredibly proud …
They meet somewhere along the way, an encounter that resonates and captivates with a gentle sincerety that will warm your heart. They meet, he hurt by other people, she hurt by her own family, and surrender to each other in short but priceless moments of unbearable passion and lust. She, a beginner in the waters of passion, and he-her teacher. Man and woman in the primordial sense. Physical love that seals their destinies. But they separate, each with their own thoughts and beliefs. They say goodbye, hiding their own hopes. But destiny intervenes, the consequences of their love drag them together, intimate strangers, United by mutual responsibility, they are driven back into those waters of passion and surrender, love and belonging …..
They stand in line, side by side, together against everyone else, but will they succeed? Love for the loved one against love for the parent. They resist, but the power of that sweet love is broken under the pressure of their ignorance and distrust of each other. The pain is too great to endure, and there is no support, no hand to offer at least a little comfort in those moments of endless sorrow. Intrigue, splinters, pain, loss ….. here is the end. Does it matter whose fault it is? But is that the real end?
We all want to hate her father, but can we understand him?
And after 11 long years, they are here again. Changed, each in his own way. Different, yet marked by their past. Stronger, braver, older … but now against themselves, while somewhere in a corner of their hearts they are still burning that incredible connection of two beings, born to be with each other. Will they succeed?
I loved reading and enjoyed every single moment. Her storytelling is so unique, while her writing style is sophisticated and elegant. She has a special way of fully reviving her characters. The supporting characters are interesting and add to the story..
This book was much more than just another love story.
It delighted me in every aspect.
The best lesson is that life is very short, accidents happen, much more often than happiness, but it is up to us to do our best to create our most beautiful image on the canvas called life … and never give up.

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