Chasing Ginger (The Misfits #1) by Marie Lavender

What if all your problems could be solved by taking one pill? Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? But would not it be interesting to know what that would look like?
So much about that, we can find out in this story, how to solve our problems with one pill, far-fetched, unreal – maybe, but still interesting to read.

43184542._SY475_A smart, independent and so real person, but still not suitable according to social norms and standards of beauty. Without self-confidence and full of uncertainty, marked by the fact that her confection number is slightly higher than acceptable according to some preset norms. Yes, that’s the reality of our Ginger, and of so many women in the world. Should a few pounds more limit our dreams? Does a few pounds more mean that we don’t deserve to be loved and cherished? Do a few pounds more determine what we should be by profession? Reading about Ginger, we wonder if we should submit to society or accept our own skin. Outside of our own body we just can’t, but can we accept it?

Torn emotions, insecurities, prejudices … are part of the daily life of all of us. Although sometimes we try our best to do what we can, it is simply not always enough to meet certain norms. Ginger is fun, friendly in every sense of the word, professional, yet not good enough by some pre-set criteria.
The solution is simple, the magic pill and all its problems are solved. Pills and suddenly she becomes incredibly attractive, without any physical change. A magnet for men …. Who will now defend her from the crowd of men who are chasing her everywhere?

Yes, Lance, her prince on a white horse, appears. Lance is a successful business man, but he does not believe easily and somehow seems restrained. Time passes slowly, their interactions increase, the romance begins to bloom, to shine in full glory. Living in her skin becomes simply magical, but is it because of the pills or because of her?

Whether to indulge in the wings of love or to think once again about what kind of woman Lance needs according to socially acceptable norms, which are strictly defined in this regard
What type of woman suits him, according to his appearance and status. An interesting twist, once condemned, Ginger easily condemns Lance and places him in a certain category.

But what will happen when he finds out about the magic pill? Can a group of friends help?

An amazing story that you should definitely read. A great read through which, this gifted author in an effective and humorous way reflects something that is so constant in everyday life, something that each of us has faced at least once in our lives. Definitely worthwhile.

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