Bride of the Wind by Shannon Drake, Heather Graham

To be a woman in that male world, an ordinary pawn in the games for wealth and prestige ….. is something that this heroine does not easily agree with. Strong, persistent, true to her beliefs … the beautiful Rose is trapped on a ship, attacked by terrible pirates, led by the notorious captain who sows fear all over the ocean, the one from whom everyone trembles, the one …… once esteemed and a noble duke and her own husband …. the one who managed to shake her to the very core and ignite the flames of passion that burned her soul. Torn between the desire to oppose him and the desire to feel his touch again, Rose manages to fight for her love in an unusual way.

958942He, on the other hand, torn by the desire for revenge and passion for his own wife, betrayed by his loved ones, separated from his own life, is a hero who simply attracts you like a magnet.
From the very beginning, their story is interwoven with ups and downs, humorous situations, arguments and insults, as well as hot nights that make you read non-stop until the last word …… Anger and revenge, on the one hand and sex as tool to calm the passions and at certain moments is the only way of communication between the main characters.

The tension between the two main characters is portrayed in a truly masterful way. It was a kind of physical tension that is accompanied by irresistible attraction in both characters. I really could not decide which one I liked better, honestly.

Although the book itself has many inconsistencies, such as petty mistakes in the settings, titles and addressing the noble characters, the connections between the king and his close followers, the book is still worth reading.

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