The Sea Lyon (Pirates of Britannia #5) by Hildie McQueen

Love romances set in a distant time and place have always been my weakness. No matter how much I dedicate myself to different genres, I must admit I always enjoy reading good historical romance.
This romance is really good, with physical love that permeates the whole book. The charm that the two main characters feel is so obvious and skillfully woven throughout the work.
I enjoyed every meeting, every argument, every insult and kindness exchanged between the two main characters.
38587592._SY475_The heroine, a woman stripped of the pain and injustice she faces as a born woman, is a true representative of the time that can win everyone’s heart. Brave and timid at the same time, alone against everything, she manages to fight for her happiness as well as the happiness of her small child.
Dorian, on the other hand, is a very confusing character at the beginning, cruel and gentle, a hero and a villain, black and white, marked by the filth and cruelty he has faced, he has grown into a type that every woman would want. Torn between hatred and lust, he made decisions that did not impress me at first glance, but I still managed to understand the background of it all through the story that Hildie McQueen highlighted and portrayed in her unique way.
Definitely worthwhile..

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