Highlander’s Beautiful Liar: A Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance Historical Novel by Adamina Young

Expecting to be amazed, as from the previous works I read from this author, I must admit that I was a little disappointed. This book simply did not live up to my expectations. However, it must be noted that the book is still worth reading, with some great events and moments and not everything is so dark.
Simply put, the obviousness has left us with little to guess which villain is hiding behind the atrocities, and what can be expected until the very end.

50525928._SY475_Taken away from her whole world and thrown into a world she does not know, young Cora must endure all sorts of horrors. Not knowing who to turn to, whom to trust, pressured by numerous threats, Cora struggles to survive with the only thing she has, her mind and resourcefulness. A strong woman, caught in the whirlpool of greed and calculations.
Touched by passion and feeling that overwhelm her, she simply does not know how to survive and how to protect those she loves.

Alec, who gets something he did not even know was missing – his own land and people, is faced with numerous temptations through which he does try to cope exceptionally. Unaccepted by the people whose leader, a ruined system of government, placed among people who are not confident in his skills and leadership is only a small part of what this hero of ours is facing. If we add to that the irresistible attraction to a woman who only lies, it is still too much for everyone. Trying to uncover the truths about Cora and keep her safe, Alec decided to marry Cora and save the McKay clan from a web of greed and deception of a lunatic. But is it the right choice?
Can true love overcome all obstacles?

This story is interwoven with threads of greed, power, ambition, cruelty, passion and love, depicted in the picturesque landscapes of the Plateau. Emotions, positive or negative, are painted with masterful power.

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